How to paint damaged rims

Rim on light gray background Diamond white No. 167 40-200 μm

How to paint damaged rims

Preparation before painting

If there are signs of contact with curbs on the rim, you must first remove the high parts of the scratches with sandpaper. Rough sanding can be done with 200-320 grit sandpaper and putty until you get a satisfactory result.

After thorough cleaning, you should apply a thin layer of primer for steel or for aluminum preferably on the entire rim. After the primer dries, sand with a green abrasive sponge.

This is followed by priming with aluminum primer and sanding after it has completely dried. Finally, prime and after drying, sand with 600 grit sandpaper.


If you are going to use a chameleon, diamond or crystal, you should apply a black or dark blue base. In practice, there are examples of using a light gray base with subsequent painting with a 4-5 times higher concentration of white diamond, but due to the high value of the material, this is not widespread.

The pearl is mixed with a binder in a ratio that is indicated separately for each of them. The lower concentration means that more hands will be painted, but the chance of mistakes in this way of painting is less.

Only with base colors is the base color irrelevant. They are of low cost and because of that they are used in a much higher concentration. These pearls cover the surface when applied with just two hands without any marks. The overlap does not leave traces, but it should not be sprayed partially, so as not to cause sores.

After 10-20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature, the protective varnish should be applied. Timely application of the finish is important in order not to miss the moment of the best connection (adhesion) between the two layers. Usually after 24 hours the varnish is dry and the rims can be used, but it is best to double check what the manufacturer has said about complete drying and curing.

One more thing

Paint shops are plentiful enough and offer the binder and varnish you need in a variety of brands and at all prices. Your choice will depend on your awareness and your financial capabilities, of course. We should not discuss this question, but we should keep in mind that when you use pearl powder you have already reduced your costs by at least 2.5-3 times and it is worth realizing your project with better quality consumables!

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