One of the most popular powder pearls from our collection is chameleons. Anyone who has used them knows that they look much better live because when shooting, some of their nuances cannot be shown due to the specifics of photography. One dose of 25 grams is intended for 3,780 liters of a ready-made solution of clear varnish, hardener, and thinners or binder. Remember, spray on a test card first. You will get the best effect when spraying on black, but when an effect is sought, bringing color to the fore, other base colors can be used. Due to their properties, pearl powder is not affected by UV rays and does not change its color. This allows when the same proportions are observed, to prepare the same color without any problem. Some of the chameleon species are white in undissolved form. Their specific quality makes them suitable for spraying over other colors because they manifest as Ghost Pearls or Ghost Chameleons.
When you use pearl powder you create a versatile product that you can use on various surfaces: cars, motorcycles, boats, fiberglass, furniture, and more. Pearl powder gives you endless possibilities with stunning results. Through them, you will easily make your products masterpieces with a pronounced magical effect.